Top 5 Strategies on Outsmarting Smartphone Thieves

Over time the phone theft cases, particularly on Smartphones, have gradually increased in the present years. This is the very reason why people need to be very cautious whenever they observe someone with conspicuous movement towards them. However, if you want to outsmart those Smartphone thieves, considering the following strategies written here below could be very beneficial. You lose nothing but to avoid thieves to get your phone. Of course, many of us would really love to know what are these strategies here.

Do What a Dolphin Does

A dolphin sleeps with one of its eyes open, which is also applicable to you in order to remain semi-alert to those lurking thieves. If you have to use your phone within a crowded sidewalk or subway, do it very discreetly. You should reserve a small section of your cognitive capability for being aware the things that are taking place around you. Another strategy you would want to do to outsmart those thieves is to put some password on the home screen of your phone. This may also help you secure your personal details when it is not wiped clean.

Be Aware Of Your Numerals and Utilize Tracking Apps

What Is A UDID And Why Is Apple Ki
What Is A UDID And Why Is Apple Ki

Keep note of the model number, unique device ID number and serial number of your phone. When your phone was stolen, you will desire to report those numbers to the authority and to your phone’s carrier. There are a number of ways you have to find the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) number of your phone. On most Smartphones, you may dial *#06# and you may instantly view the number on the screen. One the other hand, you may also find your phone’s serial numbers and IMEI on the certain label below the battery. You may also want to use tracking apps in order to outsmart those phone thieves. You can install different tracking applications in order to check the location of your phone once it is stolen.

Use an Outdated Smartphone When Walking Sidewalks

Just like those people, who are enthusiasts of Apple gadgets, thieves also look for the target with the latest Smartphone models. Therefore, it makes you their target if you have one of these latest devices. Hence, it should be a good idea if you will hand an older version of Smartphone instead of displaying yourself with the latest one. This will only lead you to become a sure target.

Walking fans say Bakersfield needs
Walking fans say Bakersfield needs

By considering these 5 best strategies to outsmart Smartphone thieves, you can be sure to avoid those people. And if not, at least you have something to do against them. Therefore, always keep these things in mind and be a smart Smartphone user.

3 Ways To Escape A Bad First Date Smoothly

When going on a date for the first time, you actually do not know whether it will turn out good or bad. Someone you might have admired from afar may e different when get to begin a close encounter such as a date. Not knowing what to expect is very normal especially when it comes to blind dating. You can never tell unless you experience it yourself. What others may have experienced may be different from what you may experience because of the different chemistry pairing. Each person’s likes and dislikes differ from each other so you cannot really tell if you click or not unless you pass the first date test. Hoping for the best and expecting the worst, thus preparing for it, can give you the edge. This can apply for both men and women. Although it is rude to leave a woman behind, getting it over with is anyone’s choice if it is turning out badly, although it is really a gentleman’s decision to be the courteous, patient, and kind one despite the bad result.

Prepare your date insurance beforehand

3 ways to exit a bad date (gracefully!)
3 ways to exit a bad date (gracefully!)

Before you go to the location of your date, let someone know that you are going to that specific place and time. If you really wanted to bail out badly, excuse yourself to go to the restroom with your phone. Call your insurance date (the person who knew about your date) and let him/her know that you are having an awful time. (Call, do not text, because texting leaves a trail.) What that person will do is call back after 20-30 minutes to let you know of an “emergency” that gives you a valid reason to leave. Make sure that the emergency is good enough, true enough and credible enough to avoid future encounters that will put you in bad light.

Talk about your ex

Talking about your ex is definitely a no-no when it comes to dating. If you are having a bad night with your date, though, it can be your ammunition to break the event, unless, of course, your date is optimistic enough to even enjoy your stories about your ex.

Reason that you suddenly do not feel well

Some people get sick suddenly. It could be because of the food eaten or the ambiance of the place. Generally it has something to do with allergic reaction to the food that makes you feel queasy or give you a terrible headache. Some foods can trigger asthma attacks or stomach aches. Order something milky and later something citrus and your alibi will be realistic.

Why it's good to be bad
Why it’s good to be bad


Getting on a date can be exciting but it can also be disappointing. If you find yourself on the negative side effect, you can try these escape routes at your own risk.

Breast Cancer! What Can We Eat To Help You Prevent It..

With the help of science and studies, it shows that eating the right foods can help you prevent on getting breast cancer. There are numerous foods that have proven to help and fight breast cancer.

This is foods that you can include in your diet, if you have breast cancer and also trying to prevent it. There is potential that food can be eaten. Here are best food that can help fight breast cancer:

Oily Fish

This are mackerel, salmon, and sardines, these are all oily fish and have been proven to a low incidence of breast cancer. Studies show that Eskimos who have high intake of oily fish has no incidence of breast cancer.

Because of Omega-3 it slows down the growth of tumors and boost the immune system. It has ability to turn off growth mechanism of cells and prevent them from multiplying and turn into cancerous tumors.

Recommended: at least three portions of oily fish in a week.

Green Tea

Consuming daily for this has been found out of lower incidence of breast cancer. It has phytochemicals that help prevent disease, because of the compounds that was found plants.

TOP 10 Foods you should eat to prevent cancer
TOP 10 Foods you should eat to prevent cancer

Recommended: drink at least once a day.


This is a spice which is commonly known that has cancer fighting compound called curcumin. It can remove cancer cells including breast, lung, and skin cancer. A pinch of turmeric can fight the toughest of cancer-causing cells.

Recommended: almost every food you cook if needed.


All cabbage family like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli are highly toxic when it comes to cancer cells. Because they contain cancer fighting compounds known as indole 3 carbinol which deactivate oestrogen and help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Recommend: at least 4-5 a week.

Whole-meal bread and Rice

This excrete oestrogen on our bodies. Too many oestrogen can cause cell division in our breast tissue. This can lead to breast cancer. Since fiber contains pulses it helps our body excrete estrogen.

Recommended: a cupful once a day.

Pumpkin, Cantaloupe Melons, and Yellow Peppers

Most of the yellow or orange fruit and vegetables are rich in betacarotine. It has antioxidant and Vitamin A which helps fight off highly reactive molecules than can cause breast cancer.

Recommended: 5-6 time in a week.

It is not always guaranteed that you can all avoid any type of disease especially breast cancer. But if you would be aware and properly managed your lifestyle it can be prevented.

Can You Prevent Cancer
Can You Prevent Cancer

You should take responsibility for your health, and if you are doing it on a wrong it is not yet too late to change it. Always remember that the more you eat organic foods the healthier your life can be.

Essentials in Spring-cleaning your Finances

Spring time is often associated with new possibilities and renewal. Perhaps it’s also the best time to turn a new financial leaf. It’s never too late to get started with your journey to financial wellness, and it need not be a daunting task.

Getting Comprehensively Organized Is a Must

1.) Review your financial activity for the last 3 months. You have to look deep into your finances to see the real picture. Don’t be scared of facing previous mistakes. While it might be uncomfortable at first, it shouldn’t be intimidating to confront money matters in the short-term.

To get organized, put together a filing system for your financial documents which includes tax returns, monthly bills, investment portfolios, savings and credit card statements of accounts.

When you’ve organized things and have a concrete idea of where you stand financially, you could begin to relax knowing that you’ve taken the first step towards financial wellness.

Checking for Patterns in Your Spending is Necessary

2.) Look for holes in your pockets. Understanding what is really going on in your savings, credit card accounts, insurances and other accounts requires you to peer intently into them. Look for hidden fees. Check if your providers have recently modified their terms and conditions which could charge you steeply for breaking event the most insignificant of rules.

Dealing with Money and Anxiety
Dealing with Money and Anxiety

Review your monthly bills and see if there are any unusual fees charged. Inform the billing departments and have them removed immediately.

Whenever possible, be sure to note the circumstances surrounding your spending. Look out for sharp increases (or spikes) and decreases and try to cross-reference them with the time periods in your calendar. Then match them with the events in your life, whether special or mundane. In this way you will be able to identify patterns in your spending that could correlate with certain reasons, triggers or behaviors. In turn, it will help keep you on track with your spending and prevent you from veering-off.

Using this important information to empower yourself and take charge of your financial situation will improve your financial health in the long-run.

Simplifying your Finances is Truly Vital

3.) Look for easy fixes and good deals; eliminate clutter. Disorganized finances can develop leaks over time. Look for simple fixes for these leaks. For example, if you are renting storage for all the things you never even use, clean it out, sell what you can and donate the rest.

Simplify and streamline your expenses. For example, put all your monthly bills into a single debit or credit account so that you will receive only one comprehensive bill per month. If you have flexible spending for your insurances, make sure you don’t leave any money on the table at the end of the year.

If you give to charities, pick two or three which are most important to you. Set an annual budget and stick to it.

Real Estate Information
Real Estate Information

For monthly services like cable or satellite TV, cell phone plans, Internet and other subscriptions, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth – paying as little as possible without sacrificing quality. Surely, there are economical deals available.

A final thought: effectively managing your finances may seem time-consuming and difficult. But the rewards justify all the effort required. Once you’ve set up a well-organized system, sustain it and your finances will be a breeze.

How to Manage An MLM Business Effectively

All of us want to have a job or business that could help us generate income. However, starting both is not that easy. It requires focus, determination, and perseverance for us to be able to attain our goals. Thousands of opportunities are available for us to grab and it is up to us on what path should we take.

One of the most common businesses nowadays is MLM business or the Multi-Level Marketing or known as Networking.

What is Multi-Level Marketing Business?

MLM networking business is a dealer-reseller type of transaction wherein a dealer contacts resellers of the products to build its downline. A dealer is direct to the suppliers of the products and he can name his price. A reseller gets that price for that products and set the suggested retailed price.

The Key To Effective Network Marketing
The Key To Effective Network Marketing

A reseller can earn through the interest added on the SRP plus the commission he gets from the dealer. A dealer gets higher profits as he can add any amount from the original price of the products direct from the supplier. As he builds his downline, the more resellers he gets, the greater the chances he can earn more.

Why Do Most MLM Business Fails

It is widely known the networking business it destined to fail because of some considerable reasons:

1) It lacks transparency from the supplier down to dealer and lastly to resellers.

2) Pioneering dealers secure themselves first without giving enough support to their downline.

3) Resellers have too much expectation on the promising advantages of joining MLM business.

4) All members have the tendency to have wrong belief of an easy way to get rich system.

How to Be Successful in Your Own MLM Business

Ground breaking news from my blog
Ground breaking news from my blog

If you think that you are capable enough to erase all the reasons why MLM business fails, then you might also want to consider these ways on how you can be an effective entrepreneur using networking system.

1) Develop good and healthy relationship with you resellers by giving them full support especially on how to increase sales.

2) Do not make any false promises to people in an easy way to get rich program that you are offering. Remember that this is just an opportunity they can grab but success is still dependent on their efforts.

3) Do your best to organize your group developing trust and confidence and always be reasonable on the commission that you will grant to them.

There would always be downsides of everything. Not only MLM business fails but other types of business do fail, too. It only takes a hard working entrepreneur who is determined to make his business successful to operate transactions that is far from failing.

As long as you have the business marketing skills competitive enough to run your own commercial business, be it MLM of other types, success is still within your reach.